The Latin America Group, Inc.

The Latin America Group, Inc. is a full service consulting and private investigation firm. Our private investigators, and consultants are licensed, bonded and fully insured. Whether you’re a large corporation, small business, law firm, insurance company or financial institution, we’re prepared to meet all of your consulting and investigative needs. We offer thorough and efficient professional private investigation services. The Latin America Group, Inc. guarantees our clients the highest standards of confidentiality.

The Latin America Group, Inc. is the leading name in the litigation support, pre-employment screening, corporate private investigation, and consulting profession. Our principals are retired FBI and DEA Special Agents with investigative experience both inside the U.S. and abroad.

We have serviced the needs of numerous law firms representing both plaintiff and defense counsel in both civil and criminal cases. Our loss prevention programs and advice have kept corporate and small business clients from sustaining severe monetary and resource losses. The Latin America Group, Inc. offers the personalized service and quick turnaround time not typically associated with most investigation companies. We provide all types of consulting and private investigation services for attorneys, insurance companies, financial investment firms and both large or small businesses. Our private investigative team is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. We offer competitive rates and our exceptional service is well known in the international private investigation community. Our firm is committed to the highest standards of confidentiality, thoroughness and efficiency. We have been highly praised by our clients and even other investigative companies for our honesty, integrity and quick response to investigative issues. The Latin America Group, Inc. utilizes the most expansive database and research resources in the private investigation/detective and consulting profession. Our in-country sources are responsible and reliable.We work with law firms throughout the U.S. who have cases that require investigation in Florida, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our investigators have resolved issues in legal matters ranging from location of assets in divorce cases, locating witnesses in personal injury cases, obtaining signed statements in EEOC civil litigation, interviewing witnesses in property dispute matters and conducting background investigations of witnesses for criminal defense counsel. Our firm can produce a positive result in investigative litigation support. Our investigators can make the difference in preparing the case for either plaintiff or defense attorneys in civil cases and defense attorneys in criminal cases.

In the corporate field, we conduct background and pre-employment screening checks throughout the United States, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic and other countries in Central/South America and the Caribbean. Many of our clients request us to conduct these background inquiries on both individuals and corporate entities and their principals. Background investigations are an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals because of the rising concerns of employee and identity theft, embezzlement, terrorism and lawsuits. It is essential to find out the truth and to determine the right choice for you and your company. The success or failure of any business is linked directly to the people it hires and the companies it does business with. Pre-employment screening or background checks conducted by our private investigators and detectives can reduce training costs, increase productivity, limit liability and preserve a business’ image and integrity. Also, background investigations show that companies have made every effort to avoid hiring an employee who may harm their business or others. Courts have consistently ruled that companies can be held liable for negligent hiring if they do not check the background of employees. Our private investigations are always performed legally, impartially and with the highest standards of confidentiality.

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