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The private investigator-private detective agency referral registry makes it easy to find a qualified investigator worldwide 

The private investigator-private detective agency referral registry helps you to locate a professional private investigator anywhere worldwide. It is simple.  Choose a country and a factual listing of the single preferred private investigator-detective agency in that country will appear. We only list one private investigator for each country with the exception of the United States where investigators are listed by state and the United Kingdom by region.  All private investigators that appear represent themselves as being licensed (where required) and insured.

Send us feedback about a listed private investigator-private detective agency

If you have utilized the services of a listed private investigator or private detective and had a positive experience or wish to provide us with the details of a complaint please click here and let us know what positive feedback or negative issues were involved for future referral registry users.


Only one exclusive private investigative agency or detective is listed for each country except the United Kingdom and the United States

All the agencies that appear in the private investigator-private detective referral registry must provide our registry with evidence of licensing and insurance. Complaints against the exclusive in-country agency are evaluated on an individual basis to ensure that the investigators in our registry are experienced, knowledgeable and responsible. The quality control of the investigator listings is based on input from referral registry users. If the registry receives repeated complaints against a particular agency or investigator, they will be removed from our listings.  The private investigator registry will not be responsible for the improper or negligent actions of the listed private investigator/detective or the agency involved.  However, your input is our best tool to assist us to determine if the investigator of detective agency or individual will remain listed in the registry.

If you would like your agency listed in the private investigator-private detective agency referral registry

If you are a licensed (where required) professional private investigator or private detective and want to have your agency listed in the exclusive registry of private investigators click on area of the world and on the country you wish to represent and you will find instructions on how to e-mail us to apply for the position. Our registry listing is free of charge for the first year.  We only list one private investigator-private detective agency for each country except the United States and the United Kingdom. You will be required to list your past experience and qualifications.